Public Works Department, Government of Karnataka
State Highway Development Project
Project Implementation Unit

The Functions of PIU-SHDP

  • Preparation of the strategy and guidelines for selection of Roads.
  • Assist Empowered Committee in the selection of roads for strengthening and renewal.
  • Procurement of consultants for DPRs preparation and for preparing Bidding documents.
  • Preparation of cost estimates and Bidding documents for award of contracts.
  • Procurement of consultants for Quality monitoring and reporting requirements.
  • Financial Management.
  • Project Management.
  • Monitoring and Reporting.


Delegation of Powers

Delegation of powers to PIU-SHDP will be as follows.




Project Director/Chief Engineer

Chief Project Officer

Principal Secretary PWD

Empowered Contractors



Acceptance of lowest evaluated tenders (works goods and consultancy) evaluated by the Tender Evaluation Committee



Full powers with a Committee to be chaired by principal secretary, PW & IWTD with representation of FD & PD as members




Approval to variation orders on account of change in scope of work. Variation is in quantities and Revisions of  designs and new rates / Revisions in rates

Up to 10 % of original contractor prices on recommendation of EEs of concerned Divisions and DPR consultant.

Above 10% & up to 15% of original contract price on the recommendation  of Technical Committee

Upto 25% of original contract price on the recommendation  of Technical Committee

Full power



Approval to extension  of time for carrying out the works beyond tender period

Cumulative up to 10% of the contract period or 6 months whichever is higher case the delay is not attributable to the contractor

Cumulative up to 25% of the contract period or 12 months whichever is higher in case the delay is not attributable to the contractor

Full power




Appointment or adjudicators / DRB members /Arbitrators 



DRB member/Arbitrators 




Acceptance of Adjudicator /DRB/ Arbitration awards

Financial implications up to 3% of original  contract price

Financial implications above  3% and upto 5 % original  contract price

Financial implications above  5% and upto 25 % of original  contract price

Above 25%



Decision  on court



Full powers




Approval of R&R and land  acquisition proposals



Full powers





Decision Making Process

The proposal is submitted before the Steering Committee headed by Additional Chief Secretary to Govt., PW Department and Empowered Committee headed by Chief Secretary to select the roads based on objective criterias. The Steering Committee & Empowered Committee scrutinizes the proposal to see the adherence to the Guidelines. Administrative approval by government will be issued after obtaining concurrence from the Finance Department and clearance from the State Cabinet.

Afterwards, the Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) will be prepared for each proposed road and the design and estimates are scrutinized by PIU-SHDP and technical sanction will be accorded. At the stage of preparation of DPR, the PIU –SHDP co-ordinate with the DPR consultants to finalise the design, etc,

The PIU-SHDP will accord technical sanctions to each estimate and tender the packages as per the Standard Bidding Document (KW-4). Tenders will be called from qualified contractors with proven capacity to execute such works with due attention to quality and time. E-procurement is in vogue in PIU-SHDP. The technical bids are evaluated by the Technical Scrutiny Committee headed by Secretary to Govt. and tenders are accepted by Tender Acceptance Committee headed by Principal Secretary to Govt.



               The Project is being implemented by the existing PW Department Sub-Divisions and Divisions headed by Assistant Executive Engineer and Executive Engineer respectively.

The Project Management Consultants have been employed for each Circle. The Project is monitored by PIU-SHDP

Duties & Responsibilities of Field Engineers

  1. Executive Engineer, PW Department
  • The concerned jurisdictional Executive Engineer of PWP& IWT Division will be responsible for actual execution of the project as per the guidelines issued by PIU. The Executive Engineer   of PWD Division will be responsible for the following.
  •  Preparation of DPRs, Cost estimates and Bid documents with the assistance of Consultants wherever appointed.
  • Managing the contract agreements and consultants agreements
  • Seeking of utilities and removal of trees.
  • Shifting of utilities and removal of trees.
  • Supervision of Works and Contract administration.
  • Certification for payments to contractors.
  • Co-ordination with other departments.


  1. Chief Engineers and Superintending Engineers of PW Department


  • The Chief Engineers and Superintending Engineers will be in overall charge of monitoring of project implementation and for providing guidance to the Executive Engineer in contract management and quality assurance. They will review the progress on a regular basis and will inspect the works regularly.