Public Works Department, Government of Karnataka
State Highway Development Project
Project Implementation Unit

Quality Policy

“State Highway Development Project is committed to ensure safe, cost effective, good quality roads by adhering to standard methods and continually improving the process by adopting latest technologies”


Quality Monitoring Statement

“Providing monitoring services in the improvement of identified Core Road Network (CRN) comprising State Highways and Major District Roads through budgetary support from Government of Karnataka”


Construction Supervision Manual

Construction Supervision Manual has been prepared and used by the engineers and consultants involved in the project. This Manual is a reference guide for efficient, safe and consistent supervision of the works in strict conformance to the Specifications and other Contract requirements. It is based on standard procedures for state highway improvement and resurfacing construction projects of this type, with specific guidelines and forms, which are appropriate to the practice in India in conformance with MORT&H and IRC guidelines.

Project Management Consultants

          PIU-SHDP has procured the services of reputed consultants for Construction supervision, Project Monitoring and Quality Assurance of the projects for supervision of civil works.

          The objectives for Construction supervision, Project Monitoring and Quality Assurance are:

  1. To ensure high quality of construction with full compliance to the Engineering Designs & Drawings, Technical Specifications as per conditions of contract within the time schedule.
  2. Monitoring construction activities to ensure that adequate Contract Administration is achieved and assist in taking remedial measures to avoid slippages, cost overrun, delays by the contractor.
  3. Ensure safety during construction and adherence to all Environment Management Regulations prescribed under the contract.

Outline of the Tasks to be carried out by the Project Management Consultants are:

  1. Represent the interest of the Government of Karnataka (KPWD), State Highway Development Project (SHDP) and the construction agency in any manner related to the construction contract and proper execution thereof.
  2. Consultant shall review and recommend for approval the contractors work schedule or revisions if any to the department keeping the interest of the Department.
  3. Assess the adequacy of the Men, Material and the Machinery available at the site provided by the construction agency for execution of the project (s), his method of execution in relation to the rate of progress, regularly update information regarding the availability of  Men, Machinery (including the condition of equipments) & Material and take necessary action for expediting the progress. The consultants shall properly appraise the department of the situations at site.
  4. Consultant shall inspect all the installations, Quarry, Crusher, shops and ware houses and evaluate to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of the contract and as also the specifications.
  5. Participate in the OGL survey and setting out with Contractor with prior intimation to the Client. The OGL details available with the DPR consultant will be provided on a soft format .However the PMC has to verify the same at the site before /during execution as required for assessing the quantities.
  6. Conducting Quality Control tests including providing Mix design as per MORTH guidelines. Testing is to be done by contractors under the supervision of the consultant in the laboratory established by the contractor. In addition 10% test checks have to be conducted by the consultant in an established laboratory agreed in the tender and the cost towards these tests will have to be borne by the consultant. Consultants may have a tie up with established laboratories.( Copy of MOU has to be furnished with the bids to the satisfaction of the Client.).Also the PMC shall own mobile laboratory with all field testing equipments. All quality test results, Photos before commencement of work and during the work progress and on completion should be uploaded in PMS on daily basis.
  7. Prepare and submit daily, weekly, fortnightly / Monthly progress report on the progress of work, the performance of the contractor, quality of works and the financial status of the project and upload the same on Project Monitoring System software developed by the PIU-SHDP.
  8. Propose and recommend to the department (PIU-SHDP) changes in the contract agreement consequent to revised programme & changes in the scope of work if any, including its effect on the contract amount and the project completion.
  9. Provide necessary advices & compliances to the department on contractor’s possible claims etc.
  10. Inform the department of any potential problems that may arise in connection with the works contract and make recommendations for possible solutions
  11. Maintain Technical representatives at the Hot mix Plant site/ Pug mill site / Concrete Batch Mix plant site (If any) so that adequate supervision of work / quality of material is ensured at all times during the progress of work.
  12. Provide assistance to the representatives from the department / Contractor relating to ground survey control, markings, quality control testing and progress of the project.
  13. Prepare & maintain and document inspection reports /Engineering reports and also adequately document the progress / performance of the works along with Photographs at each stage of work and kilometer wise.
  14. A log book of construction machinery / man power indicating the idle period if any, the reasons / the condition of the machinery etc shall be maintained on weekly basis and adequately document the same.
  15. Scrutiny of measurements and certification of bills prepared by the contractors.
  16. Check and approve as-built drawings for the works prepared by the contractors. If the Contractor fails to submit the as-built drawings, the consultant will prepare the same at the cost of the contractor.
  17. Certify the quality of materials available at the source for usage on the specified work as per tender conditions/ specifications.
  18. The consultant shall ensure that adequate safety measures are taken to protect lives / property during execution of works including barricading as per relevant IRC standards & MORTH specifications for safety of traffic plying on the stretch of road where works are in progress OR during night times.
  19. The consultant shall carryout necessary inspections, supervise any remedial works needs to be carried out, prepare a snag list (Balance Works to be done) if any and assist the department (KPWD, PIU-SHDP) in issuing the completion certificate of the work.
  20. The consultant shall verify the programme furnished by the construction agency as per the contract, monitor the progress, bring it to the notice of the department shortfall observed if any, examine the reasons for the shortfall, suggest necessary measures to make good the shortfall within a reasonable time frame to avoid extension of specified construction period.
  21. Consultant shall attend /arrange the Liaison meetings to be held on weekly basis by the Superintending Engineer / Executive Engineers concerned along with field engineers of the department and the contractor to sort out issues if any viz, problems at site / financial matters etc.
  22. The consultants shall verify & certify the Roughness Index measured prior to commencement of work and after completion of the work.
  23. When requested by the employer, the consultant shall provide any additional services to those specified above through a mutually agreed upon variation order to the Consultant’s contract.

            Non-Conformance reports are being issued to the contractor wherever the materials or the workmanship does not conform to the requirements. Re-conformation tests are being done after the rectification as a measure of check. So far a mere 1.8% of the total tests have failed and in such cases NCRs were issued and set right the issues of Quality. The Roads built are of IRC standards with Construction Quality and good riding surface.

The completed Roads are subjected to the inspection by Road expert.

All SHDP roads are under 2 year defect liability period and maintained by the Contractor for a period of 2 years.